Monday, July 31, 2006

Russian Jokes Translated to English

Once lieutenant Rzhevsky came to a party with a friend. There were some people doing strange things.
- Fifteen - said one man. Everybody laughed.
- And forty seven, do you remember forty seven? - said another. Everybody laughed even more.
- What are they doing? - asked lieutenant his friend.
- They are telling jokes. But they know each other for long time and remember all jokes so they numbered them to save time.
- Wow, that must be funny.. Seventy four! Silence, then one woman stands up and slaps lieutenant.
- You know, we don't tell such jokes to ladies - says his friend confusedly.

The teacher asks the boy:
- Let's imagine that you've got $200. Then you give $50 to Svetlana, $50 to Olga and $50 to Natasha. What do you have now?
- Well.. an orgy?

Mother brings her small son to the kindergarten for first time. The child is very upset. They meet the principal and the teacher. The teacher shows them in and tells the child, "This is your locker". Then the kid with his eyes full of tears climbs in the locker, says goodbye to his mom and closes the door from inside.

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